You’ve heard the sayings: hot off the press and drop it like it’s hot, but what exactly makes a press release hot online? How do you guarantee yours is hot and what are the metrics to prove it?

This Malva PR resource unpacks what makes a press release hot and gives you 4 metrics to track to see if your press release is hot… or not!

HOT is our Malva PR Acronym for

H: Heartfelt
O: Original
T: Two-fold


First things first, remember that a press release isn’t just a news report, it’s a story. And all the best stories come from our hearts. Your press release must be heartfelt. What you do needs to matter to you and to others. Served straight from the heart sets you up for success.


While there are certain standard procedures in writing a press release, like the formatting, professional tone, and press contact details, it’s important to find your story angle. An original story makes you stand out online. Often we overlook the most interesting parts about ourselves and our business because they’re obvious to us. Having a fresh outside take on what makes your brand valuable, relevant, and newsworthy is how you ensure you have the O Factor.


A two-fold press release is one that not only benefits the subject of the matter but also benefits the person reading it. People share stories they relate to or that they want to be associated with. If the story is only about how incredible the creator of the brand or business is without describing the benefits to the customer or clients, then unless you’re the creator’s Mother or Father, you probably won’t brag about their press release or share it on social media. The story needs to affect the reader. They need to care and you’ll know if they do or don’t by their response.

Here Are The 4 Ways To Tell If You’ve Succeeded With A Two-Fold Press Release:

1 People read it (most sites show how many people have seen the press release with a number next to it)

2 People like it when it’s shared on social media.

3 People comment when it’s posted as a blog or on social media.

4 And the major way to tell is when other people share it themselves!

Track your numbers to determine if your press release was hot or not.

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