Malva PR Owner, Lauren Wallett continued making the papers this year and this time it was as the co-founder of a start-up. Here’s the scoop in her own words…

2022 was a year of travel and experimentation. I wanted to dip my toes into the start-up world again, and instead of being a mentor or coach, I wanted a more direct hands-on experience for equity.

I studied Class Rebels Negotiating for Equity Compensation and Fundraising 101 to cover my bases before diving in.

The start-up world is filled with scammers and takers so you need to know your legal rights, especially if you’re working without pay for equity compensation. It can sound enticing to get 1% – 20% of a company but it all comes to $0 if the start-up fails and most do! Still, it was a risk I was willing to take.

I experimented with 2 start-ups and ultimately decided, I’d become a solo founder myself.

One of the startups was Life Shack: a remote job-board site.

While at Life Shack, I worked with an outsourced PR team on 3 story angles for them to produce. Here are the articles:

1.) To Investors

As seen in Yahoo

LifeShack is Raising $5.7M to Redefine the Future of Flexible Work

“Lauren is a serial entrepreneur and international business development consultant. She’s scaled and sold companies, run marketing strategies for global conglomerates like Kraft Africa, and is a TechStars pitch coach, helping founders secure millions of dollars in funding.”

2.) To Job Seekers

As seen in Disrupt

LifeShack is Building the Future of Work with a Groundbreaking Job Search Platform

“Two visionaries in the job search and recruitment space, Patrick and Lauren developed LifeShack to provide companies with the greatest options for hiring the best global talent.”

3.) To Employers

As seen in Tech Times

How LifeShack is Becoming the Standard for Remote Job Search and Recruitment

“We want you to be free to live wherever you want to live, to have the lifestyle that you desire, and to do what you want to do,” Lauren says

My favorite parts of working with this startup were establishing the brand through the brand bible, style guide, social media strategy, and content creation which included writing for the blog. Now I offer those services through Malva Media.

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