How It Works

Malva PR Services Follow A Simple 4-Part Plan

Purchase | Pre-Launch | Public Launch | Promotion

Purchase your package from there and Lauren (or someone from her team) will reach out via email with your next steps.


Step 1: Purchase

Malva PR has three service packages. Choose one to suit yourself. Once you’ve selected your package, you’ll purchase it. Email us with the package you want first.

Start by choosing the package that’s right for you.

The Basic: for non-basic bishes. One captivating, delightful, and inspired press release. We’ll drop it like it’s hot. This is a good place to start.

Purchase now for $1200

Love you a latte: is The Basic with a side of Social Media. It’s not the length of the Press Release that matters, it’s how long you make it last. Choose this to milk it.

Purchase now for $1900

Famous Bish is the annual package that includes quarterly press releases with X4 sides of social media. This is for you if you’re not F*#king around. Fame has your name written all over it.

Purchase now for $5500


Step 2: Pre-Launch

Next, Lauren (or someone from her team) will reach out to you to schedule your interview. Your interview will take place on Zoom and will be recorded for reference. You’ll discuss your story angle and key points.

After the interview, Lauren will write your first draft.

You’ll send her your best picture to attach to the press release will a few relevant links (to your website and social media platforms.)

You’ll review the first draft, make notes of any changes, and send it back to Lauren.

Once the set of changes and updates have been made, you’ll sign off on your press release and set a date for the public launch.

If you have bought the Love you a latte package (with a side of social), you’ll have your social media press pack to share online before the online release of your press release.

Step 3: Public Launch

We will drop your press release like it’s HOT because it is!

You’ll be sent links to the online publications that have picked it up and can share the links with your audience. Take screenshots, talk about it, and celebrate your press release out in the public for all the world to see!

Within a week of your public launch, your press release will appear on the Malva PR blog for additional promotion.

[Step 4: Promotion]

If you bought the Love you a latte package, you’ll begin your customized promotion strategy now.