Finally, an anti-capitalist, non-patriarchal alternative business book is available!

Lauren Wallett’s book, Business Reimagined, shows entrepreneurs how to shift from patriarchal to playful business.

As an anti-capitalist, creative anarchist, Wallett offers an alternative to patriarchal business standards.

“You don’t need to crush the competition when you create collaborative communities. We can leverage the success of others and build more opportunities together.”

Her book gives two ingredients that, when combined, make magic happen.

“When your impact comes from Love, and your income comes from Play, you’ll make Magic.”

Wallett details the benefits of an interdependent business as a win-win. The clients/customers and the business creator both get what they want. For this to happen, the marketing focus shifts from pain-point propaganda to pleasure.

“When you show someone living beyond their problem, you’ve introduced possibility and hope. Hope is more powerful than suffering.”

Wallett states that “show-business” is how you make it real for your audience. You need to live your promises and lead by example. And that’s exactly how Wallett leads entrepreneurs through her Create Business Academy. She lives life on a permanent holiday and shows how easy and fun business creation can be, “because it is” she says.

Take what you need and leave the rest,” is her premise for the book’s how-to creative strategies and life.

“There is enough to go around. You don’t need thousands of clients or customers to live a life beyond your wildest dream. Success isn’t about money, it’s about the freedom money brings.”

Business Reimagined shows you how to break free from the cult of capitalist patriarchy so that you too can get rich without working hard.
The book uses acronyms to simplify concepts into bite sizes for easy digestion. PLAY (purpose-driven, light-hearted, and aligned to you), ACE offers (artistic connected expression). And RICH (realizing interdependence creates happen-ness).

Wallett believes, “When you share all that you love, you get to play. Getting to play is the entrepreneurial dream. All that you could ever imagine wanting, you’re getting. Like making love or laughing, it’s happening. That’s life as a lucid dream.”

The book bypasses sleazy sales seduction and shows you how to share intimacy like an artist. It’s jam-packed with tips and tricks to help you stand out online and scale your business with integrity and compassion. Lauren’s business philosophy puts you back into a league of your own where your legacy is love.

Business Reimagined (Love, Play, Magic) is available here.

For more on Lauren Wallett, click here or visit her on her personal Instagram here.

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