Earn Passive Income From Other People’s Personal Networks

Refer members to your network and earn passive income from referrals.

If you’re a super-connector with a strong community, you are sitting on a gold mine with your connections. You don’t need to create anything new to sell. You can actually earn money without working and earn passive income without making more content, just by referring people to your community. When you combine forces with talented business owners who have skill sets to solve problems, you get to leverage the power of your community and earn more.

Intentional Connection is the invite-only community for intentionally connecting with others for your business, creative project, or next big idea.

  • Get genuine referrals
  • Leverage your community to make money
  • Ask for the help and support you need
  • Find affiliates and collaborators
  • Swap your skills and more…

Connection Is The Currency Of The Future

Stop working and start connecting. Business doesn’t have to be a hustle and a grind. You don’t need to churn content when you know how to connect. Leverage your community and the trust you’ve built to share solutions and make people’s lives easier. You don’t need to be all things to all people, but within in a community, everyone can get the exact support and solutions they need to thrive. The best part? You’ll get paid for your referrals.

How do you leverage personal networks for professional gain?

Malva’s Leverage Network Of International Business Women started in late 2019 as a support network for coaches and businesswomen. The idea was to leverage personal networks and communities for professional gains: new clients, affiliates, and collaborators to grow your business.

Malva PR founder, Lauren Wallett, hand-selected the group members to curate an exclusive group of quality members.

“In the group, we rewarded each other for successful referrals with a minimum of $50 and up to 10% – 15% of the deal or contract. So if someone signed up to a $5000 offer, the person who referred the member got $500 for leveraging their connection. It was a great way to make passive income based on pre-existing connections.”

In July 2020, Lauren relaunched Leverage 2.0 as a private membership group with monthly meet-ups to foster deeper connections between members. To read the official Leverage Press Release, click here.

Even though, in December 2020, Lauren closed the group to focus her attention on private and group clients inside Create Business Academy, months later, referral fees were still being generated by the original connections in the group.

Imagine earning $500 passive income for connecting someone?

The Leverage Model proved itself as a brilliant form of passive income for everyone open to community connection. And so, after a 15-month hiatus, today on March 22nd, 2020, Lauren relaunched Leverage 3.0 with a new name, more aligned to her true intention for the group. It’s called Intentional Connection, and that’s what it’s all about.

How do you grow your business passively, through other people’s connections?

“I’ve put my business success down to two things: my ability to create content and cultivate community. Lately, I’ve noticed how burned out my clients are with the contestant demand to churn content. And organic content doesn’t get the reach it used to. Making content is about giving and so can become depleting, whereas community is a give and take and so is replenishing. The softer, easier way to grow your business is to give people a trusted personal community to draw from. That’s what Intentional Connection is all about. You get to grow your business passively, through each other’s connections.”

Aside from the name change, the group is now open to men, women, and non-binary identifying persons. All you need to join is to be invited into the group through a referral from a member.

What is Intentional Connection and how do you join?

The invite-only community for intentionally connecting with others for your business, creative project, or next big idea. Get genuine referrals. Ask for the help and support you need. Find affiliates and collaborators. Swap your skills and more.

To be admitted into the group, you must pay the $25 fee [to @lauren-wallett on Venmo with the reference *IC-your name*] and have a referral by an existing member. Why a fee? Because curating the group takes a lot of our time and energy.

As community members of Intention Connection, we do not talk about the group to those outside of the group. If you have questions about joining, we recommend you ask the person who referred you.

As the creator of Intention Connection, Lauren Wallett takes no responsibility for your interactions or work associations with other members. Please clarify your expectations, scope of work, deadlines, and any monetary arrangements before committing anything to each other. Lauren will provide as many guidelines and suggestions as possible to make your transactions smooth and safe. Ultimately, you’re required to use your own intuition and judgment. That said…

We have a one-strike policy. If you commit any inappropriate behavior, e.g. unkindness, deception, disrespect, etc we will ban you from the group for life and so will the person who referred you. So please think carefully about who you refer to in the group. We prefer quality over quantity.

Once you’ve been admitted into the group, please follow this link for posting guidelines.