Malva PR | Press Release | Los Angeles | Coaches Unite | Lauren Wallett | March 2020

“Right now, people need support. The coronavirus scare is bringing many people’s lives to a halt. Fear is taking over as everyone preps for the worst-case scenario. I understand people must ensure the safety of themselves and their families, but once the essential supplies are stocked, then what? Life must go on,” says Lauren Wallet, Founder of The Leverage Network (aka MALVA – the L is for leverage).

“We’ve got to keep our businesses thriving, our relationships intact, and our mindset healthy if we’re going to emerge from this moment of global panic as victors rather than victims. And I’m determined we do.”
Serial entrepreneur Lauren Wallett, also known as ‘The Creativity Coach,’ optimizes businesses and runs two online business schools, one for coaches and one for virtual assistants.

In late 2019, Wallett began to assemble an international network of coaches that could provide support to anyone under any circumstance. And now, in 2020, Leverage has launched to uplift personal and professional lives at a uniquely challenging time for humanity.

This diverse network offers to coach to everyone from successful CEOs to emerging business owners to creatives, and from brand new parents to couples on the verge of divorce. Leverage offers modalities as expansive as positive mindset coaching, hypnotherapy and EFT, and as down-to-earth as structure, accountability, branding, and PR.

The Leverage Network is based on hand selection, excellent credentials, and direct referrals. These coaches don’t just look good on paper, they’ve all been personally vetted, and have experienced real-life results from coaches in the group. You know that if you work with one of these coaches, you’re going to get the results you need and that if you have a niche problem or concern, they will refer you to someone who specializes in exactly that. Through Leverage you’re not just accessing one coach, you’re accessing a community of coaches to support you.

The Leverage Network outsource, hire, share testimonials, and skill swap with one another. Referrals allow members to boost each other’s businesses and create additional income, leveraging their own network of contacts to connect the right people to the right coaches.

Each Leverage member gives a referral fee based on the size of their offering. They share insight and income and prosper together. During its 6-month incubation period, Leverage generated tens of thousands of dollars in referrals amongst its members and elevated hundreds of lives.

“Businesses, partnerships, and personal endeavors must continue to grow, and Leverage is doing that, from America to Antigua. The Leverage Network offers coaching services via phone, Skype, FaceTime and Zoom, so it’s simple for people anywhere in the world to get the support they need to thrive,” says Wallett.

The World’s Best Coaches

Bobbie Breckenridge, The Dream Coach

“I love helping people make their biggest dreams a reality, and Leverage is a powerhouse group of badass women out to do the same-each with their own unique style and set of tools. It feels like rolling with a band of superheroes.”

Candy Green, The Healing Coach

“I joined Leverage to be a part of a new business paradigm that believes in community, caring and uplifting each other.”

Christian Whitecloud, The Women’s Coach

“Women are the pillars that infuse this busy, chaotic world with heart and soul – connecting with and supporting other powerful women globally spreads the love and services our planet truly can’t live without.”

Darlynn Childress, The Parent Coach

“As thought leaders in our unique genius zones, we have the unprecedented capacity to join together to up-level any client we meet, no matter what they need.”

Iulia Mihai, The Hypno Coach

“Leverage is the community I go to to be inspired, share insights that help move me forward and get greater reach through our combined efforts and shared expertise.

Jodi Mallow Maas, The Positive Mindset Coach

“Leverage combines and catapults our unique talents through a highly supportive collective. This visionary tribe sees beyond business as usual. We know first hand the power of collaboration, support and leveraging one another’s superpowers. Together we rise!”

Kat Byles, The True Business Coach

“By working together we can better support our clients and each other to thrive, to create from our higher nature. Women collaborating for the highest outcome for all, for the earth is a much needed, welcome feature of a True Business.”

Laila Ali, The Divorce Coach

“Leverage is the village that houses our tribe of phenomenal creativity and passionate humans. It is where we get to collaborate, teach and support one another in our quest to make our magic happen”

Lauren Dallas, The Online Coach“

Leverage is a group of coaches who live on their own terms, work in their own time and generate both profit and massive impact. It gives me support as I support entrepreneurs to create their dream online businesses.”

Lauren Wallett, The Creativity Coach

“I believe that in life, we get the more we give. Leverage is the community-over-competition model in action which proves that giving to others is a great financial decision for yourself too.”

Lindsay Bouvier, The Brand Coach

“Leverage is a truly supportive environment where BIG ideas & visions happen. A place where high-level creatives join forces & share potent resources. We take bold risks and learn together as we go…all while loving what we do, having fun & making bank!”

Lynn Collins, The Good Woo Coach

“An important part of self-care, self-love, and healing is experiencing and contributing to the community. Trusting ourselves to magnetize support into our lives be that through friends, colleagues, coaches, and healers are the bedrock of creating our personal sanctuary. Leverage gives birth to all these and lifts self-value into the art of financial flow.”

Megan Corey, The Wellness Coach

“I’m in Leverage because I love surrounding myself with powerful women who are out to make a difference and impact in this world and who support women in business to pursue their purpose and their dreams!

Keri Ann Kimball, The PR Coach

“I joined Leverage because I enjoy the support and encouragement of other women who have their own businesses. I also want to help uplift their work with my expertise.”

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