Malva PR is a boutique public relations agency that writes and distributes press releases.

We cover multiple industries from entertainment to marketing to Fintech. Our little black book of international clients is exceptional.

We work with coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and business brands who have the potential to become iconic.

Malva’s clients each offer world-class services or create unique quality products. They play in a league of their own and are among the top in their industries.

Malva PR clients are personally selected after an interview with Lauren Wallett. Tap to read press releases from our previous clients:

Bobbie Breckenridge, Dream Life Coach

Candy Green, Healing Life Coach

Christian Whitecloud, Women’s Coach

Darlynn Childress, Parenting Coach

Iulia Mihai, Hypnotherapy

Jodi Mallow Maas, Positive Mindset Coach

Kat Byles, True Business Coach

Laila Ali, Divorce Coach

Lauren Dallas, Future Females

Lindsay Bouvier, Branding

Lynn Collins, Spiritual Guidance

Megan Corey, Wellness

Keri Ann Kimball, PR

U.S.A Press Releases for Lauren Wallett