1st March 2022, Hot Off The Press: It’s 2022, Lauren Wallett is turning business-building into creative play and you’re invited!

Create Business Academy’s Blog, Business Reimagined, promises “practical magic” for creative entrepreneurs. With categories like Anti-Hustle Culture, Less Work More Play, Grow Your Business, and Content Strategy, the blog offers an alternative to traditional, patriarchal business and introduces creative, playful business.

Create Business Academy’s founder, Lauren Wallett says that there are three ingredients needed to reimagine business: Love, Play, and Magic. She wrote the book Love, Play, Magic: Business Reimagined about how to implement these ideas in your own services or product-based business and achieve success on your own terms.

“Originally the book was called, How to make your business your sugar daddy because the persona I chose to reimagine my business with was a sweet sugar daddy who gave me all life’s luxuries and let me live on permanent holiday. And that’s what happened after I wrote the book.”

Now Lauren is sharing stories from the book and more inside Business Reimagined, the blog, available online for free.

The first post, About the blog: Business Reimagined, states that the blog is for people who don’t fit into the status quo and want a paradigm shift. It’s for:

  • The ambitious self-starter who wants to impact the world and leave a legacy of love.
  • The generous freedom-seeker who wants to generate income and lavish their loved ones.
  • And the magic-maker who’s ready to scale an interdependent business that’s wildly successful.

Today, the blog officially launched with a library of posts already available. The posts include:

What to expect inside the Business Reimagined blog

Birthing your business [prepare for possibilities]

Your imagination is the key to creative living

The magic fear removal trick for less stressful work in business

Phoenix magic mindset [your emergence from trauma to triumph]

How to work less and enjoy life more [living as a creatrix]

The blog unpacks complex issues like how internalized misogyny affects women in business, details personal stories from Lauren’s 17-year career as a business creator, and offers content strategies to market your business or personal brand.

Lauren believes that inside every entrepreneur is an artist seeking self-expression and says that she wrote this blog to offer inspiring, expansive ideas for business owners to explore.

Create Business Academy’s Blog: Business Reimagined

“Business is an extension and expression of who you are. The more connected to who you are, the more resources you’ll have to grow your business.”

Business Reimagined shows you how to connect to your own creative genius and what to do with your insights and ideas, one post at a time. Lauren believes that for entrepreneurs, running a successful business is only phase one.

“Once you have a stable, successful business, you’re able to create from a place of true freedom. Maybe you’ll decide to write a book, start a show, paint, learn an instrument, create a candle luxury collection. You don’t know what you’re capable of until you tap into your imagination. Business is only the beginning. Once you reimagine your business, you get to reimagine your life.”

New posts come out every Wednesday, so subscribe to Business Reimagined today and get tomorrow’s brand new post delivered straight to your inbox.


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Lauren Wallett is a celebrity entrepreneur, author, and founder of Malva PR. She owns Create Business Academy and Rebella Nation. She loves mochas, musical theatre, and finding magic in the mundane. She’s currently writing a modern-day fairytale. Connect with her on TikTok or her personal Instagram.

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