Let’s talk about what makes a news story worth reading. You know, those juicy stories that we can’t get enough of and can’t stop scrolling through.

So, what do we want in a news story?

First of all, it’s gotta be interesting, obviously. We don’t want to read some boring old news about the weather or some political mumbo-jumbo. We want stories that have a hook, something that grabs our attention and makes us want to keep reading. Better yet – a story that’s so good, we share it with our friends!

Here’s how to create a newsworthy story that people actually want to read AND that gets into the news.


Stories that have a significant impact on people’s lives, whether it’s a natural disaster or a political scandal, are often deemed newsworthy. That’s because people want to know how events like these will affect them and their communities. So the first thing you need to ask yourself is: why would someone care about this? That plays into the impact your news will have on their lives. Ask yourself, who is the person who needs to read this and then write it with that particular person in mind. We want to read about stuff that affects us, stuff that we can relate to, and stuff that makes us go “Oh wow, that’s crazy!” Or “That’s amazing!”


Stories that are happening right now, or that have just happened, are often deemed more newsworthy than stories that are weeks or months old. This is because people want to know what’s happening in real time. Is it relevant now or stale news? Ask yourself, why are you writing this now? 

From Premise to Payoff

And of course, we need that payoff. We want to learn something new, gain some knowledge, or maybe even have a good laugh. We don’t wanna waste our time on stories that don’t give us anything in return. A story needs to add value and engage the reader by holding their attention throughout. 

Now, if you want to create a newsworthy story, listen up. Malva PR has got you covered. We use a three-part structure that’ll make sure your story is on point.

Problem – Process – Product

First, identify the problem with the current status quo. What with the current landscape is ripe for change? What needs full-on reimagining? Then, tell us your process for making up your product or service and how you either solved that problem or reimagined an entirely new way to do things. And finally, tell us about the product that you created. Who’s it for, what it does do, and why it matters? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Now go forth and spread the good word! Or if you don’t want to DIY it, book a press release with Malva PR and we’ll write and distribute it for you.

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