Your press release is how you announce your business or brand to the world. It’s like giving your business an official birth certificate – it makes it credible. The press release legitimizes your brand through credible news sources, online publications, and third-party blogs. 

This resource explains the power of the press release in your brand.

It unpacks why a press release is one of the best investments you can make for your brand. You’ll also get the next steps on how to book your press release package with Malva PR.

But first, I’ll start by unpacking why perception is everything. Then detail exactly how to build a credible brand. You’ll discover why getting attention is vital in building a successful business and how to build brand awareness. I’ll break down the two things that make a story newsworthy and answer why having people know, like, and trust you is important for your business. Or you can skip ahead to the end for a quick summary of the 12 benefits of having a press release for your brand.

Why Is Perception Is Everything?

How you make sense of things determines their value to you. When you’re deciding what to spend your money on, you’re questioning its value. When you’re giving something your attention, it’s because you think it has value. The value is that you’ll be better off after you have it or engage with it.

So if you want to create a valuable brand that people spend money on and engage with, perception is everything. But how do you create a positive, desirable, and valuable brand perception of your brand? It starts with your press release.

Your press release is how you control public perception.

You’ll equip people with all the information and inspiration they need to see your brand correctly. Seeing really is believing. And seeing your story repeatedly on multiple platforms confirms its truth.

Your story is a conversation starter, and that’s the key step in building a relationship with your audience. Giving people to access your brand allows them to buy into it and ultimately to buy from it.

How Do You Build A Credible Brand?

What other people say about your brand is how you determine brand credibility. There are three ways to build a credible brand.

#1 Tell people about your brand

#2 Have others tell people about your brand

#3 Show people your brand

The power of the press release is that it does the job of three in one. You tell people about your brand with quotes in your own words, written inside the press release. The publisher of your press release confirms what you’ve said through publishing it.

Having a third party write about your brand legitimizes your story. That’s why news reporting requires credible news sources. It’s not hearsay or hype when it’s reported from a third party.

And you get to show people your brand hot off the press with links and screenshots of your press release. Plus, a good press release includes links back to your website, social media, and includes pictures that show up on Google search.

You get to control your narrative by deciding what goes into the press release. You get the credibility of an outside source confirming what you’ve said as the truth. And you get to show the evidence to others with your press release published online across multiple news sites.

Why Is Attention Vital In Business?

The more time we give to something, the more money we spend on it. When you get people to invest in your story, they’re more likely to invest in what you sell too. Attention equals money. We don’t give our attention to things we don’t value. What we value is determined by our perception. And your brand’s perception is elevated through your press release.

A valuable, credible brand is easy to connect with. And connection is how you’ll build your audience. But in order for someone to believe that your brand is valuable and credible, they need to know about it.

How Do You Build Brand Awareness?

Building brand awareness is an ongoing process for every successful brand. It’s not a once-off activity. You’ll need multiple brand assets to build awareness, but the best place to start is with cornerstone content. Cornerstone content is the core of your website. It’s what search engines search for. It determines what content ranks. Your press release can double as cornerstone content. Your press release is excellent for your SEO ranking and links back to your website. For more on Why cornerstone content is important, click here.

You may have the world’s most brilliant business or interesting personal story to tell, but if no one knows about it, it really doesn’t matter. Your press release is how you share your story.

What Makes A Newsworthy Story?

It all starts with a newsworthy story. A newsworthy story is:

  • A story that people actually want to read.
  • A story that’s in the news.

Malva PR helps you craft a newsworthy story and puts it out into the news for you.

Why Is Having People Know, Like And Trust You Important For Your Business?

Three things need to happen for your brand to be successful. People need to know about your brand, like your brand, and trust your brand.

Building a genuine and connected relationship like that can take years. So how do you speed up the process to reach success faster? You make sure people know, like, and trust your brand. A press release helps with all three parts.

The press release speeds up a genuine connection between you and the public. For details on how the press release creates a brand people know, like, and trust, click here.

Now that you’ve covered the basics of credibility with why people need to know, like, and trust your brand. (Want to know how to make a HOT Press Release? Read more here.)


Now you know why perception is everything, how to build a credible brand, why getting attention is vital in building a successful business, and how to build brand awareness. I’ve covered the basics about what makes a story newsworthy and answered why having people know, like, and trust you is important for your business. Plus, you have extra quick links for an in-depth analysis for the parts you’re most interested in. To end this resource about the power of the press release for your brand, here is a quick summary on the 12 benefits of having a press release for your brand. 

The 12 Benefits Of Having A Press Release For Your Brand

The Press Release:

  • Legitimizes your brand
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Makes your brand credible
  • Gets your brand attention
  • Makes your brand newsworthy
  • Has the potential to make you rich
  • Creates the Know, Like, Trust factor
  • Builds your relationship with the public
  • Sets the public perception of your brand
  • Announces your business or brand to the world
  • Invites the public into a conversation with your brand
  • Gives people the ability to access your brand in order to buy into it and from it.

To get started in creating your press release with Malva PRtap Malva PR Services.



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