If you know, you know.”

People love to have the inside scoop on what’s hot, and happening, and where the vibe is at. If you’ve set out to create a desirable brand, you need it known. So, you need to build a brand that people recognize instantly as distinctly yours. The goal is to first make sure that your ideal clients and customers are aware of your brand and then have it rise to the top of their minds so that you become their go-to choice. You do this by creating an online persona and growing a connected community. Do this well and you won’t just build brand awareness, you’ll also make more sales.

Here are the 4 elements you need to build brand awareness, plus everything that goes into creating them yourself.

#1 Brand Bible

Your brand bible:

  • Defines your Brand Personality to give specific attributes with human qualities that build relationships through engagement
  • Selects your Brand Categories to include the hobbies and associations for a full circle holistic approach to marketing
  • Details your Brand Philosophy to determine what makes your unique brand based on what you stand for
  • Sets the tone for your Heart-Centered Creative Strategy that creates a connected feedback-rich community

#2 Style Guide

Your style guide:

  • Defines your Brand Style with the look and feel of your brand personality online so that it’s a credible and recognizable brand
  • Selects your Brand Elements into colors, shapes, textures, and fonts so that your visual content stands out online
  • Details your Digital Designs Templates for repeatable, scalable content creation
  • Sets your Design Rules for your visual do’s, and don’ts so that there is a cohesive brand blueprint to follow

#3 Social Media Strategy

Your social media strategy:

  • Defines your Business Goals so you know why you’re completing each task and cut out all unnecessary busywork
  • Selects your Frequency for platforms, planning, and posting to find a sustainable rhythm that works for you
  • Details the Plan of what you do when to minimize time spent and maximize efficiency
  • Sets your Step-by-Step System so that you can hand it over when you grow or outsource your team

#4 Content Calendar

Your content calendar:

  • Defines your Row Flow so you style your social media platform with a coordinated pattern that sets your page apart from your competitors
  • Selects your Themes for the day, date, month, and special events, so you can plan content in advance
  • Details your Brand Categories (from your Brand Bible) so you’re building your community with resonating content that turns your audience into people who share, save, and buy
  • Sets the Call to Action for purpose-driven results-focused content

Need help with any of these elements? Visit Create Business Academy for business brand resources and DIY courses to create these yourself and Malva Media for done-for-you services. Or you could just start by telling your story through a powerful press release!

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