In 2018, less than 10% of senior executives at the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies were women. But it wasn’t from lack of trying. Women were becoming better managers, but still weren’t getting promoted to executive leadership positions. 

Stacy Mayer took on this problem as a personal challenge. She vowed to change the way organizations did business from the C-Suite out and she set about doing it, one executive-level promotion at a time.

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To achieve her goal, the number of women promoted to the executive suite each year needed to double. It seemed like an impossible challenge. With so many systemic factors at play, how could she tackle this gigantic global challenge and disrupt the status quo? 

Stacy knew there was only one way to bring more diversity to the leadership table: more women needed to get themselves promoted. But first, she needed to figure out what was really standing in their way and what they could do about it.

“These are powerful corporate leaders who are otherwise successful, but their pay didn’t match their titles. They didn’t have a proper voice at the table. That didn’t sit well with me.”

Stacy Mayer
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The real reason women aren’t getting promoted to executive leadership positions

Stacy uncovered the real reason women didn’t receive the promotions that matched their capabilities. They were too good at their job.  

Instead of focusing on letting their work speak for itself, powerhouse women needed to take ownership of their promotion process, take steps to pioneer their next promotion, and stop waiting for their boss’s approval or next performance review.  

Stacy says that your organization shouldn’t dictate your next promotion — you should.

“A promotion is not a reward for your hard work. Corporate leaders need to understand that the right time and the right place aren’t something that just happens to you. It is something that you create. You don’t need to wait for your next performance review to get promoted. You can take the steps to get yourself set up now.”

Stacy Mayer
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How do powerhouse women get promoted to the executive suite?

Stacy’s alternative approach to executive coaching got her clients big results right out of the gate. Within six months of implementing her new strategies, three of Stacy’s clients got promoted into C-Suite positions.

How did she do it? She ignores traditional executive coaching and takes a non-conventional approach to women’s leadership. She gives controversial advice like “Stop doing what you’re good at” and “If you really want a promotion, don’t focus on your boss”

Stacy tested her theories in her flagship executive coaching intensive “Executive Ahead Of Time”.

And led women to achieve executive-level promotions at prestigious companies like Facebook, Intel, Home Depot, Comcast, Nike, and more. Approximately one hundred women (and counting) landed or set themselves up for their next promotion. 25% of her clients received skip-level or double promotions within six months. And after their promotions, women exceeded their company’s expectations of what’s possible in their new executive-level roles.

“I want powerhouse corporate women to realize that their organization needs them more in the C-Suite than they need them. No kudos, thank you. Show me the money!”

Stacy Mayer
Press Snippets Malva PR | Stacy Mayer

How do you double the number of women promoted to the C-Suite each year?

Stacy knew that in order to double the number of women promoted to the C-Suite, she needed to reach women worldwide, faster. And so she wrote the bestselling book “Promotions Made Easy”. 

Her book turns the confusing process of executive promotions into a clear step-by-step guide. It shows women how to get their first promotion into a leadership position and to keep the promotions and success coming.

“The steps outlined in my book will get you promoted.”

Stacy Mayer

The instant bestseller is helping women get promoted to the executive suite, have success once they get there, and receive the pay to match.

Press Snippets Malva PR | Stacy Mayer

“Women are the new definition of power in leadership. And they don’t need to wait for anyone.”

Stacy Mayer

As Heather P says on Stacy’s Amazon reviews,

“It works! I received a title and salary boost. And the promotions kept coming!”

Heather P

Stacy’s book is changing the way organizations do business from the C-Suite out. And she’s only just begun.

Promotions Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Executive Suite is endorsed by:

  • John Gray: bestselling relationship author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.
  • Trudy Bourgeois: Author of “Equality” and CEO of The Center for Workforce Excellence.
  • Minette Norman: inclusive leadership consultant and the former Vice President of Engineering at Autodesk.
  • Scott Jeffrey Miller: Senior Advisor for Thought Leadership at Franklin Covey and host of the world’s largest leadership podcast, On Leadership.
  • Eleanor Beaton: CEO of SAFI Media

Forbes wrote an article about the book and rave reviews continue to pour in.

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