Three things need to happen for your brand to be successful. People need to know about your brand, like your brand, and trust your brand. This resource unpacks how to make people know, like, and trust your brand so that you can set yourself up for success in business.

How To Make People KNOW About My Brand:

People need to know what you sell and how to buy it and they never will if you don’t tell them. The problem with trying to tell people about your brilliant offer yourself is that it can seem like simple self-promotion, bragging, and hype over nothing.

It’s tricky to say “I do this the best” when you’re the only one saying it. You need proof to legitimize your brand. It’s more reliable when that proof comes from an outside source. That’s why news sources are compelling.

A press release lets people know about your brand.

How To Make People LIKE My Brand:

People are more likely to buy from someone they like than whom they dislike. And while we may love what someone offers, what connects us to someone is who they are. Who you are is where your story comes in. Your history, journey to get where you are today, and your experience getting there is what sets you apart from everyone else in your industry.

Your story is what makes your brand interesting and unique. Your story helps people to move from liking your brand to loving it. Love is the glue that connects you to your community and keeps them sticking around to see what you’ll do next. Your “Likeability Factor” is a key ingredient in making a HOT press release.

How To Make People TRUST My Brand:

Success leaves clues. Your proven track record of outstanding results speaks volumes. It’s easy to forget how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved when you’re reflecting on your own life. But dry facts and figures don’t always make for a memorable or even interesting story. A HOT Press release combines Emotional Trust with Logical Trust.

Emotional Trust

We trust people when we know the inside scoop with specific details of their life. Combing facts with your feelings about the facts allows others into your internal world, and that builds trust.

(Through Malva PR’s in-depth interview process, you’ll recall details and facts that will remind you of your capabilities and pre-existing triumphs.)

Logical Trust

We create logical trust through timelines, specific dates, and numbers that check out. Your press release provides links and access points to additional information about you. Your social media, website, contact details. You become accessible and real to your audience.

A Press Release is an essential factor is getting people to know, like, and trust your brand.

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